литьевая машина

литьевая машина
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Product Application

This machine is applicable to R & D in laboratory.Put the raw materials into the mold between the electric boards and set up certain pressure and temperature. The raw material are formed into test specimen for test use. This machine features compact size,complete functions, stable tempeture, low noise,easy opention and material saving.

XH-406B-30-300 Technical Parameter
Capacity selection
30 ton or designed
Temperature control
normal temperature~300℃
Precision of the control temp
+ -2℃
Heating Mode
Electrical Heating
LED 0~99(min)
Area of electric board
300*300mm designated
Area of cooling plate
300*300mm designated
Cooling mode
Compressor water cooling or running water cooling
Plate spacing
0~90mm designated
About 650kg
Power supply
3Ø, AC380V, 20A

Main Features

(1) XH-406B tablet press machine is applicable to R & D in laboratory because of its compact size, complete functions, stable temperature, low noise, easy operation and material saving.
(2) High-precision temperature sensor, together LED temperature controller, built-in dense-point heating wire and tubular condenser, has the temperature range from normal temperature to 300℃.
(3) Imported KDB electric board features high-temperature resistance, abrasion resistance, fast thermal transmission and strenghthen against deformation.
(4) Single heating can be designed according to the requirements.
(5) Oil hydraulic system: the pressure range: 30 ton, the maximum stroke of the cylinder: 180mm.

Detailed Images

Machine Parts

Name: Heating Plate
Brand:  XIHUA
Original: CHINA
It is processed with deep carbonation and plated with hard chrome, the machine features fast thermal transmission, abrasion resistance, high hardneee and strenghth deformation. 

Main Features

Name:  Cooling System
Brand: XIHUA
Original: CHINA
Hermetic single-stage compressor takes advantage of environment-friendly snow as the cooling media. The temperature of cooling water system is adjustable from normal temperature to +5℃.

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